Previous PhD Students

Rizwan Ahmed: Development of a rapid simulation modelling process for software process simulation.

Thanos Alifantis: Developing the Knowledge Based Improvement methodology that uses simulation to learn about and model the effects of human decision making in manufacturing systems.  An EPSRC collaborative project with Ford Motor Company and Lanner Group (details).

Ernie Lee: Investigating the use of visual interactive simulation as a knowledge elicitation tool.  An EPSRC collaborative project with Ford Motor Company and Lanner Group (details).

Yang Meng: Modelling hospital based infections (e.g. MRSA) using agent-based simulation.

Antuela Tako: Comparing the development and use of discrete-event simulation and system dynamics models.

Christopher Watts: Dynamic modelling of social networks.  Modelling energising relations in networks using agent-based approaches.

Stavrianna Dimitriou: Agent-based simulation of incentive alignment in supply chains.

Tom Monks: Understanding how model reuse affects the learning gained from developing and using models.

Nicola Burgess: Implementation of Lean in English Hospital Trusts.

Fahim Ahmed: Conceptual modelling and software requirements engineering

Anastasia Gogi: Generating insights through simulation (supervised with Dr Antuela Tako)

Niniet Arvitrida: Modelling supply chain competition with agent-based simulation (supervised with Dr Antuela Tako and Dr Duncan Robertson)

Michael Mortenson: Is OR in UK universities fit-for-purpose for the developing field of analytics? The ORATER project.

Mohammed Ibrahim-Shire: System dynamics modelling of safety in hospital pharmacies (supervising with Dr Thomas Jun, Design School)

Lily Huajie Jin: Disease modelling of schizophrenia (external supervision at Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London)


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